Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Panic Later!

So the queen’s in her cage and I got to leave her alone for a few days before releasing her. I did a quick check to see if any queen cells were started and they were not .

Although Dennis and I are both doing this VSH project, it was agreed I would set up the VSH breeder queen colony and after closing up the colony I could see the wisdom of having the other guy do it! If anything goes wrong, there will be a lingering sense of guilt for the person who would be pointed out as the responsible party. I was able to imagine several scenarios not in our favor. Or should I say My favor. On the third day, I looked in and it seemed that even though she was alive she was not as perky as I expected, and since the bees weren’t hassling the cage, I let her out and closed the hive.

My imagination conjured up images of a weak queen falling off the comb and dying below. I could imagine only too well, how not enjoyable it would be to tell Dennis the unhappy news. Two days later I took a quick peek and found eggs in the comb. I saw the queen on an adjacent comb, thought “good enough” and closed everything up. Nothing is for certain in this Bee Business!

There is a concentrated outline of how easy it is to rear queens originally entitled...
It was written by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda of  the Galtee Bee Breeding Group in Ireland

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